irq routing on a precision 490

Andrew A. Neuschwander andrew at
Tue Jul 24 16:29:25 CDT 2007


I'm running Fedora 7 on a Precision 490. When I drag or scroll windows 
in X, it generates buzz/static on the sound card. I have an nVidia 
quadro FX and I am using the binary driver via the livna third party 

The sound card (onboard snd_hda_intel) and the nvidia controller share 
the same IRQ, I would like to have the nvidia card on it's own irq to 
try to clean up this problem. There appears to be no way to do this 
either through the Linux kernel or through the bios.

In digging into the PCI/IRQ configuration for the 490, it appears that 
the on board Ethernet controller, on board sound controller, x16 pcie 
slot, the 1x pcie slow below it, and one of the one board ATA 
controllers all use the same physical irq on the same pin (IRQ 11 on Pin A).

Does anyone have insight that might clean up my sound/video conflict? Is 
there a software solution to this? Could this even be fixed in a bios 
update, or is it a physical configuration aspect of the 490?

Andrew A. Neuschwander, RHCE
Linux Systems Administrator
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The University of Montana
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