installing Dell's OEM Windows XP with existing Linux partitio n
Mon Jan 26 09:48:54 2004

No, it's not true that Dell's OEM version of XP blindly takes the entire
disk. Just like the XP version from MS, the installer lets you define the
partitions on your disk however you'd like. However, when installing a
dual-boot system, you always need to install XP first. Windows OSes assume
they are the first OS on the system, and thus always have to boot off of the
first partition on the hard drive (also known as C:). Maybe someone else has
insight in how to do Linux first and then XP, but I've never heard of that

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I saw no mail list for generic Dell/Linux.  I hope that owing a 
Dimension rather than a Precision doesn't mean you won't reply:-)  When 
I installed SuSE 9.0 on my new Dimension 2400, I couldn't figure out 
how to shrink the OEM version of Windows XP that came pre-installed, so 
I just repartitioned over it thinking that I would reinstall it later 
after the hard drive was repartitioned and Linux was installed. I 
chopped my hard drive up into 2 primary partitions and and an extended 
with several logical partitions.  I had hoped to install Windows XP 
onto an empty partition. However, I have heard, on other groups and 
verified on the Dell Support reinstallation instructions, that Dell's 
XP just blindly takes the whole disk for itself and wipes out any other 
OS installed.  Is this true?  Is there a way around that?  Otherwise, 
the OEM XP is simply useless.  I would also prefer that it not write to 
the MBR as I already have Grub installed.

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