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Tue Jan 13 14:30:01 2004

The sound controller for the ICH5 audio controller on the Precision 360 was
wired incorrectly by Dell, which is why you can't play any sound. Both
Fedora Core 1 and RHEL 3 also exhibit the same behavior as SuSE. The RPM on that I created contains a modified ALSA driver that
switches the lines in software and fixes the issue. I haven't tested it with
SuSE, but the RPM I posted may just work (it uses DKMS and will build the
driver automatically when you install it). Otherwise, I'd suggest just
buying a cheapo soundcard to replace it.

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Hi all,

I have a question regarding sound cards as well. I have loaded my 
Precision 360 with Suse Linux 8.2 and was wondering how to get the 
onboard intel ac97-compatible soundcard to work. Suse claims to 
recognize the card and installs the intel driver for it, but no sound 
comes out of the output :-(

Does anybody have the same setup as me and got this to work? I think 
Dell only makes rpm's available for redhat on the support site and 
google has not brought me nearer to a solution up to now.



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