RH WS 3 Concerns

Norman Nunn npnunn@swbell.net
Tue Jan 13 12:19:01 2004

I recently did a fresh install of RH WS 3 on my Dell 350 Workstation.  I
had to install in text mode, and then change the flat screen driver to
vesa and then it worked.  However, I was very concerned with the limited
applications compared to RH 9.  It appears that WS 3 is purely a
business machine and not intended for home (or small business) use.  If
not, home users will be doing allot of application installations as rpms
do not appear to be readily available.  Have I missed something here?

Further, there are few repositories like freshrpms.net to provide
up-to-date rpms for WS 3.  I know Fedora is available but I frankly want
a system that is easy to keep current.

I wanted to know how Dell was approaching these issues.  RH 9 will not
be kept up-to-date after a few months.  I am considering SuSE or another
distribution for my PCs at this point.  Your input would be appreciated.


Norman Nunn <npnunn@swbell.net>