linux boot changing RAM

Ned Bass
Mon Jan 12 17:43:01 2004

On Mon, Jan 12, 2004 at 10:36:16PM +0100, Thomas R ( wrote:
> hi.
> is anyone experienced probleme using linux, with memory.
> I explain.. 
> when I reboot from linux, anything change the next memory I will be able
> to use.
> it fix an option in my bios card ( OS INSTALL MODE) which limit my RAM
> to 256MB.
> when I change it in bios, and i reboot agin, the seeting is again to
> any idea will be apreciated.

This is a bug in the system BIOS that is triggered by the ACPI code in Linux
2.4 kernels.  The fix is to update to the latest BIOS for your system, and a
workaround is to boot with acpi=off.