Network performance of e1000 in 100MB mode.

Bill Stasior
Fri Feb 21 13:30:01 2003

We have a Cisco switch and it's set to 100MB full duplex.  We set the nic on
precision 350 to 100, full duplex, auto-negotiation off.  

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On Thu, 2003-02-20 at 18:53, Bill Stasior wrote:
> We have been experiencing poor network performance with the e1000 nic
> that is built into the Precision 350n.  In particular, this nic does not
> seem to perform well in 100BaseTx modes.  We've tried this both with the
> nic set to auto mode and "100BaseTx FD" mode.  The best we get is around
> 3Mb/s - which is more than an order of magnitude worse than we get when
> we try using an eePro 100 card (Intel EtherExpress Pro 100).

I've only seen such poor performance when the NIC and switch weren't
negotiating properly, forced or automatic.  Can you elaborate on your
switch type and settings?


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