Loading Linux on Dell Inspiron 8200

John DeJaco jdejaco@cox.net
Fri May 24 09:38:00 2002

I was trying to load RH Linux 7.3 on my laptop
Dell Insperon 8200. Linux did not understand
the display which is:

  1) A 15" UXGA 1600x1200 with 25ms response time.
  2) From Win XP I see that the DPI is 96 and the
     screen refresh rate is 60Hz. Drivers in Windows
     are nv4_disp.dll & nv4_mini.sys

What settings should I use for Linux? I guess what
I need is the horizontle and vertical sync rates
or an equivalent display that is in the list of 
support displays during install of RH 7.3.

Thanks for your help...

-- John DeJaco