[Linux-PowerEdge] RHEL 8.x dell-system-update RPM should include libssh2 RPM as a dependency...

Spike_White at Dell.com Spike_White at Dell.com
Fri Feb 21 10:47:08 CST 2020


On RHEL8.1, when installing dell-system-update RPM as per usual instructions, dsu fails on the command line as so:

[root at austgcore17 ~]# dsu --help
dsu: error while loading shared libraries: libssh2.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

It's trivial to fix, just install the libssh2 RPM:

[root at austgcore17 ~]# yum -y install libssh2
[root at austgcore17 ~]# dsu --help

Usage: dsu [OPTION]...

However, for completeness the dell-system-update RPM for RHEL8 should add libssh2 RPM as an RPM dependency.

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