[Linux-PowerEdge] BCM57810 ESXi PSOD Known Issue FW released

R S rene.shuster at bcsemail.org
Wed Feb 5 07:54:35 CST 2020

TLDR;  FW v15.05.12 introduced a Known Issues / Limitation:

> Random network drops and PCIe Bus Fatal errors followed by PSOD on QLogic
> 57810
> adapters with qfle3 and bnx2x drivers
source: Release Notes.PDF in the root of this archive @

Just a quick warning for the Dell firmware DUP for Qlogic BCM57xxx series
adapters. You know the one that had it's vendor and name and driver changed
like 10 times in the last 5 years. Very confusing.

* 15.00.14 which is latest FW in the Dell catalog (used by OME and other
Dell tools):
This FW is HCL'd by VMware.
* 15.05.12 is latest FW on the Dell download site:
This FW is not HCL'd by VMware (yet?).

As you might know the QLOGIC/BROADCOM/MARVELL/CAVIUM NICs don't have the
Fixes listed on the actual FW download page. Instead the Release Notes are
inconveniently hidden in an obscure download that you have to manually
search for. Very time consuming. All other FW, BIOS updates etc have the
changes and fixes and enhancement listed on the actual download page the
way it always has been, the way other vendors do it and the way it's
supposed to be done. If Dell can step up here and make the effort to
transcribe the fixes from the Release Notes to the actual download page it
would be very much appreciated. Also since QLOGIC/BROADCOM/MARVELL/CAVIUM
or whoever next is owning the NIC division provides Known Issues, please
add this to the Download page as well. Or better yet don't release FW with
critical known issues like PSOD to us.


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BCS Technology Department * Network Group
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