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Correct, the Redfish APIs are only available in PowerEdge 12G, 13G and 14G, and the Redfish implementation differs a bit between them.

Jose DelaRosa
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If you are familiar with Ansible, you can use https://github.com/dell/idrac-ansible-module. This Ansible module uses Redfish APIs to manage PowerEdge servers via iDRAC. You can use the manage_bios.yml playbook to set boot mode to either UEFI or Legacy BIOS. Please note, however, that setting boot mode is only supported in 13G and 14G servers.

Because the earlier generations don't support redfish, right?

Once you have installed Ansible and followed the idrac-ansible-module setup instructions, you can run:

To set UEFI mode: $ ansible-playbook manage_bios.yml --tags bootmodeuefi
To set BIOS legacy mode: $ ansible-playbook manage_bios.yml --tags bootmodelegacybios

After setting to either UEFI or BIOS boot mode, the server will be rebooted. Recommend to try first in 1-2 servers in /etc/ansible/hosts before you try in a larger number of servers, just so you get a feel for it first.

Disclaimer: This Ansible module is not supported by Dell and some features are still under development. All features available in the playbooks are 100% functional, though some features are only available in later server generations.

Still, this is great, thank you very much, exactly what I've been looking for

Jose DelaRosa
Linux Engineering
Dell EMC| Infrastructure Solutions Group

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I have a large amount of R320, R620 and R630's, all with iDRAC ENT installed. I need to do a bulk change in their setups, like switch all to BIOS boot or back to UEFI.

Doing that host by host takes forever, but I couldn't find the way to automate such a change.

Is there a way at all?


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