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Soorej_Ponnandi at Dell.com Soorej_Ponnandi at Dell.com
Tue Feb 28 01:52:41 CST 2017

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Hi All,

New DELL EMC System Update (DSU) v1.4.0 is available with this repository.

Fixes & Enhancements:


1.       The issue of automatically creating /usr/libexec to store the executables has been fixed.


1.       User readable log files: Now you can enable/disable logs by setting the logger levels.

2.       Support for Catalog in .gz format.

3.       Ubuntu OS is pre-enabled on DSU and the support is limited (More Information<http://www.dell.com/support/manuals/uk/en/ukdhs1/system-update-v1.4.0/DSU_UG_1.4/Support-for-Ubuntu-operating-systems?guid=GUID-7F26D426-1333-41CB-B6A7-762DC8D3C84F&lang=en-us>)

4.       Support for Microsoft Windows Operating System

User Guide:

Change log:    http://linux.dell.com/repo/hardware/DSU_17.02.00/changelog.html<%20http:/linux.dell.com/repo/hardware/DSU_17.02.00/changelog.html>

Soorej Ponnandi
Dell | Change Management

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