[Linux-PowerEdge] Unqualified SFP+ adapter detected

Russell Auld russauld at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 18:24:14 CST 2017

I've seen this exact complaint from the same card in the same server.
It still works, despite the complaint. One caveat, we're running RHEL6 on
that server.
The cables are Cisco TwinAx copper 10Gb. So far so good.

There are driver and firmware updates for that card on the Dell support
page (look under Qlogic), but I did not have any luck using them.
I'm just running stock RHEL6 and it works.

On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 5:07 PM, Chris Adams <linux at cmadams.net> wrote:

> Once upon a time, Michael Watters <wattersm at watters.ws> said:
> > I am setting up a Poweredge R720 server with a Broadcom BCM57810 10 Gbit
> > NIC however the SFP adapters that we have appear to be incompatible.
> >
> > > Warning: Unqualified SFP+ module detected, Port 0 from CISCO-TYCO part
> > number 1-20553783-1
> >
> > Is there an updated version of the bnx2x driver available for CentOS
> > 7.3?  Would it be possible to update the kernel module to work with
> > different SFP adapters?  I am willing to patch the kernel source if
> needed.
> Does it actually not work, or does it just complain about it?  I know
> lots of router/switch vendors will complain, but the optics still
> actually work just fine.
> I know the Intel ixgbe driver won't actually turn on unsupported SFPs by
> default (which is annoying), but there's an option for the module to
> turn them on, allow_unsupported_sfp (and then they work fine, including
> "ethtool -m" to see DOM info).  I don't know if there's a similar option
> for Broadcom.
> Sigh, games vendors play with standard ports...
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