[Linux-PowerEdge] Unqualified SFP+ adapter detected

Chris Adams linux at cmadams.net
Wed Feb 15 16:07:21 CST 2017

Once upon a time, Michael Watters <wattersm at watters.ws> said:
> I am setting up a Poweredge R720 server with a Broadcom BCM57810 10 Gbit
> NIC however the SFP adapters that we have appear to be incompatible.
> > Warning: Unqualified SFP+ module detected, Port 0 from CISCO-TYCO part
> number 1-20553783-1
> Is there an updated version of the bnx2x driver available for CentOS
> 7.3?  Would it be possible to update the kernel module to work with
> different SFP adapters?  I am willing to patch the kernel source if needed.

Does it actually not work, or does it just complain about it?  I know
lots of router/switch vendors will complain, but the optics still
actually work just fine.

I know the Intel ixgbe driver won't actually turn on unsupported SFPs by
default (which is annoying), but there's an option for the module to
turn them on, allow_unsupported_sfp (and then they work fine, including
"ethtool -m" to see DOM info).  I don't know if there's a similar option
for Broadcom.

Sigh, games vendors play with standard ports...
Chris Adams <linux at cmadams.net>

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