[Linux-PowerEdge] dsm_sa_datamgrd segfault that crahses whole system

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Feb 10 07:55:03 CST 2017

hi everybody
also hopefully Dell tech as this should be directly hardware 
related I believe.

I manage to segfault omsa(which then crashes the whole system):

[ 1117.103438] dsm_sa_datamgrd[28952]: segfault at 0 ip 
00007f2e1ab57b46 sp 00007f2e1197c020 error 4 in 

Simply by having one H700 in one specific PCI slot in my 
R815 servers.
Server(s) setup in somewhat not-usual, I've stumbled upon 
this segfault purely by a chance.

I have "embedded" H200 in "integrated storage controller 
card slot"
I have a Dell Broadcom 4port NIC in "expansion-card slot 2"
I have a H700 in "expansion-card riser 1"
Lastly I have a H800 in "expansion-card slot 5"

H700 was installed for we are going to move hdd array from 
H200 to H700(but not just yet so we put the H700 card only).

when H700 is in "expansion-card slot 2" everything is 
working perfectly fine, no segfaults.
But "expansion-card slot 1" is pcieX8 which matches H700, 
and "expansion-card slot 2" is only pcieX4.

2)Now: segfault seems to occur only when I run omxxx storage 
on that specific H700 controller.

$ omreport storage vdisk vdisk=0 controller=1 - H200, no 
$ omreport storage vdisk vdisk=0 controller=0 - H700, segfaul!

omreport system summary - does not cause it.
After ~20sec after segfault the system suffers from 
hard/cold power cycle.

So this seems critical. It would be expected of tech-team to 
investigate it.
Separately I'm going to report "tech support request" but 
felt sharing with other R815's I should do.


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