[Linux-PowerEdge] noise level of T630?

Blake Hudson blake at ispn.net
Tue Feb 7 09:32:07 CST 2017

Having purchased many 2800's, 2900's, T710's, T620's, and T630's, I can 
say that the trend has been quieter and power draw lower with each 
generation. There is an initial spin up at power on, but after a few 
minutes the fans do spin down automatically. I believe that the latest 
servers also allow some degree of software control over the fan speed 
(perhaps I saw this setting in the iDRAC Enterprise?). The latest PERCs 
also allow spin down/power save of drives to reduce power draw/heat 
output and, of course, the CPUs support idling/shutting down of unused 
cores for the same purpose.

Bond Masuda wrote on 1/20/2017 4:27 PM:
> Hi Fellow Linux/PowerEdge users:
> I have a pair of old PE2900 that are starting to show their age and I'm
> considering replacing them. They run CentOS7 to serve as NAS function +
> KVM + few other things.
> I'm considering T630, but was wondering how loud the T630, especially
> compared against old PE2900? I had to swap all the fans in the PE2900
> and tweak the BMC firmware to get it to about 38 dBA and that is
> acceptable. Was wondering what other Linux users with T630 have experienced?
> Thanks for anything you care share,
> Bond
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