[Linux-PowerEdge] Error messages after updating OMSA

Sebastian Luna Valero sebastian.luna.valero at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 03:31:00 CDT 2016


I have setup our PowerEdge nodes with the DSU repository to have OMSA

After updating to version "srvadmin-*-8.4.0-2193.9883.el6.x86_64" I am
getting the following:

* Some nodes with df -h:
/dev/sdb              1.1M     0  1.1M   0% /tmp/SECUPD

* Some nodes with df -h:
/dev/sdb              1.1M     0  1.1M   0% /tmp/SECUPD
/dev/sdc              1.1M     0  1.1M   0% /tmp/SECUPD

* Error messages with "df -h":
df: `/tmp/SECUPD': Input/output error
df: `/tmp/SECUPD': Input/output error

* Various error messages with "tail /var/log/messages":
kernel: FAT: FAT read failed (blocknr 1)
kernel: FAT: Directory bread(block 36) failed
kernel: VFS: busy inodes on changed media or resized disk sdb

I have tried these steps:
# srvadmin-services.sh stop
# umount /tmp/SECUPD
# srvadmin-services.sh start

but the problem still remains.

Could you please let me know what else should I try?

Best regards,
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