[Linux-PowerEdge] PERC H200: I/O error with Linux kernel >= 4.4?

Marco Bozzolan mailbox at s19n.net
Thu Oct 20 10:00:10 CDT 2016


 has anybody ever managed to use a PERC H200 with a kernel version 
greater than or equal to 4.4?

The system boots up, but I am seeing I/O errors under heavy load on a 
C5220 and Ubuntu 16.04; dmesg reports "fault_state(0x265d)", and after 
what seems a controller reset, the disk device (sda) disappears and the 
filesystem is remounted read-only.

 With earlier versions of the kernel, also on Ubuntu 16.04, the dmesg 
error appears but does not lead to a read-only filesystem.

Best regards,


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