[Linux-PowerEdge] Dell C6220 PSU sensor

Szabolcs F. subchee at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 07:06:35 CST 2016


I hope this is the right mail list to ask.

I've got three Dell C6220 chassis with 4 sleds in each. I'm running Debian
8 + Proxmox VE on them. Each chassis has 2 power supplies and the power
supplies are identical in each chassis (so there's no PSU mismatch).

One day one of the chassis powered down all 4 sleds and I couldn't even
power it up using IPMI. I could reach the IPMI but it didn't do anything
with the power control (pressed power on and nothing happened).

After physically re-seating the two power supplies the 4 sleds booted up.
But now the IPMI doesn't detect PSU2. It only detects PSU1. The PSU
fail-over still works: if I unplug the power cord from either PSU the other
one keeps working and the server won't stop. Replacing the power supplies
with spares didn't change anything: PSU2 is not detected.
When I remove PSU1 the IPMI says no PSU is detected (and also says PSU
redundancy is OK) but the server (all sleds) keeps running.

I checked the other two C6220 chassis and they detected both PSU1 and PSU2.

Any idea what went wrong? Perhaps a sensor on the chassis logic board?

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