[Linux-PowerEdge] elaborate on DSU sample kickstart files

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            These are sample kickstart files for creating a Linux based Live-ISO including DSU utility in it. You can use this with livecd-creator or any other bootable ISO creation utility which supports kickstart files.

1.       The sample_centos_base.ks, is a basic kickstart file which includes dsu utility in resulting bootable ISO. Once booted, dsu can be executed from bash shell with various options (use dsu --help for complete options)

2.      The sample_centos_nfs.ks demonstrates how to invoke dsu in non-interactive mode upon boot from a live-cd environment and stores the log file in a mounted NFS share.

                        livecd-creator --config=sample_centos_base.ks --fslabel=centos7

            The configurations in this sample files need to be changed according to the package selection and scripting needs of user environment.

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I see there are some sample kickstart files here, supposedly for helping create bootable ISO images to run dsu.


Can someone point to additional documentation or explain in more detail how one uses these files?  Are these meant to be added to an existing CentOS 7 netinstall image?

I guess I don't understand the process on how one can update a server using these kickstart files.  I have a server setup to kickstart systems using PXE, but the above kickstart files would delete the existing data on the servers!

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