[Linux-PowerEdge] Bootable media ISO updater too large for vFlash

Jens_Heinz at Dell.com Jens_Heinz at Dell.com
Tue Nov 1 13:15:22 CDT 2016

Hi Brian, indeed the ISO size is one of the downsides of the boot-able ISO project.

The size is dependent on the amount of updates included in the image. In order to make things as simple as possible for the majority of the users we decided to go for a one-size-fits-all approach per server model. We create the images from unchanged update bundle eligible for a particular model. The more components the bigger the image. In return you might find boot-able ISOs with less than 1GB for servers with only a couple of update-able components.

Don't know which systems you're intending to use the images for, but a possible solution for you might be the creation of your own (customized) boot-able ISO.

1. You can download Dell Repository Manager here for free http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=9RX9M (sorry to say that in a Linux audience, but unfortunately it is a Windows-only application)

2. Load the bundle/s for your particular system/s

3. Get rid of all the updates you don't need

4. Create a customized boot-able ISO image

Depending on the number of server models at your site, you could also combine multiple bundles from different models in one image. Though it is likely you'll hit the 2GB limit then.

Anyway, the Repo Manager is not very intuitive, but highly flexible in regards of creating your own bundles/images.

Hope that helps. Have a nice day, Jens.

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The bootable media ISO updater (http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/SLN296511) is almost 3GB.  The max upload size for DRAC vFlash images is 2GB.  It would be very helpful if the media was cut down to a size that allows uploading to the vFlash.

I'm looking at the R620 image.

~ Brian Mathis

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