[Linux-PowerEdge] Dell System Update or Dell Linux Repository which is better

Jean-Daniel TISSOT Jean-Daniel.Tissot at univ-fcomte.fr
Thu Dec 15 06:03:55 CST 2016

Hi Soorej,

Le 15/12/2016 à 11:55, Soorej_Ponnandi at Dell.com a écrit :
>   Dell Linux Repository (DLR) is deprecated by the new Dell System Update (DSU). DSU has lot many features added and easy to use. The DSU update repository is refreshed every month.
>   Link: http://linux.dell.com/repo/hardware/dsu/
Please to know the "/tmp/SECUPD" problem will be solved. At least one of my servers will be up to date.

But what about Debian / Ubuntu administrators for whose the only solution for verify firmwares update is to stop the servers and boot to Lifecycle for verifying and eventually upgrade theses firmwares.
No way to plan an informed update.

In France, for educational and most of research centers  we have no choice, we must buy Dell servers. We love it. But a lot of sysadmins in our community use Debian or Ubuntu for main OS (for example to use HA clusters with Proxmox).

Not only DLR is deprecated but translate rpm packages to Debian packages with alien don't permit to translate those with a version number starting with a letter (don't ask me why) so those drivers packages are never seen by update_firmware utility.
And for the new servers we bought, it's no more possible to install DLR fully successful (missing packages).

Please Dell devs, do your possible to port DSU to Debian / Ubuntu users as soon as possible.


Best regards.

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