[Linux-PowerEdge] Dell System Update or Dell Linux Repository which is better

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Hi Larry,

  Dell Linux Repository (DLR) is deprecated by the new Dell System Update (DSU). DSU has lot many features added and easy to use. The DSU update repository is refreshed every month.
  Link: http://linux.dell.com/repo/hardware/dsu/

The “/tmp/SECUPD”  mount issue is already fixed in inventory collector. This fixed IC will be carried in immediate releases of DSU repository.

Soorej Ponnandi
Dell | Change Management

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Subject: [Linux-PowerEdge] Dell System Update or Dell Linux Repository which is better

I had came across a blog from Dell that DSU is better than the Dell Linux Repository

I am running RHEL 7.2
During a trouble call with Dell concerning OMSA  I asked the Dell tech which was better the DSU or DLR, seeing that the DSU is creating a mount point in /tmp/SECUPD that causes annoying write errors on the console. I unmount that  particular mount point and delete the directory to get rid of the error.

That said the Dell tech said that the DLR is better than DSU and that the DSU has not been updated in some time?

Just want to clarify which is better.  I know each has there own pros and cons

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