[Linux-PowerEdge] scripting changes to PERC via racadm

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Fri Apr 29 16:17:45 CDT 2016

Hi Tim,

At a previous job, I've done this kind of stuff on R730's as well to 
create RAID-1's on machines where no OS is installed. Like you, I ran into 
quite a few issues. A few quirks I remember that got the process to be 
more reliable:
1) you do NOT want to use '-s TIME_NOW -r pwrcycle'. I always had complete 
failures with these. You'll want to schedule a job and initiate a graceful 
shutdown (at least once).

2) Check the state of the LC jobqueue before you submit your job.. in some 
cases, when the system wakes up there already are jobs related to the 
storage controller in the queue waiting to be processed..

If my memory serves me right, for me the whole process went more or less 
like this:

1) ssh to idrac and delete all jobs in the queue.
2) reboot + Let LC does its part
3) ssh to idrac and delete all logical drives, submit a job.
4) reboot + Let LC does its part
5) ssh to idrac and create your LD's (two RAID-1 LD's in our case).
6) reboot + Let LC does its part
7) enjoy..

With such a lenghty process I was able to get close to 100%
completion score on hundreds of R730's.

Also, if you're switching to HBA only mode, there are two caveats you'll 
probably want to consider.
1) before switching to HBA mode, it might be a good idea to make sure all 
LD's are deleted..
2) Why not go with RAID-0 LD's for each drive? That way the boot drive 
deterministically becomes the first LD you'll create on that box and you 
get better performance. I don't think you can be 100% sure the boot drive 
will be the 1st disk drive when in HBA mode.


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On Fri, 29 Apr 2016, Tim Mooney wrote:

> All-
> I'm trying to figure out how to use racadm within a script to switch the
> PERC (in this case, an H730 mini in our R730s) from RAID mode to HBA mode.
> I can successfully get the (single) controller with
> 	racadm get storage.controller
> and I can get the controller mode for that one controller with
> 	racadm get storage.controller.1.CurrentControllerMode
> I can even tell it I want it to switch to HBA mode:
> 	racadm set storage.controller.1.RequestedControllerMode HBA
> The problem is that there's more to it; to make the change, I'm pretty
> sure I have to create an entry in the "job queue", so that the change
> goes into effect at next power cycle.  That's where I'm getting stuck.
> I've tried doing this:
> 	racadm jobqueue create RAID.Integrated.1-1 -s TIME_NOW -r pwrcycle
> but that generally returns:
>     ERROR: STOR032 : Lifecycle Controller is currently in use.
>     Wait for current Lifecycle Controller operation to complete.
>     Verify that the system is
>     1) Not currently in Lifecycle Controller Configuration utility
>     2) Not waiting for user intervention at F1/F2 POST error
>     3) Not in any of the device or controller Option ROMs and retry the
>     operation.
> Anyone have any experience doing this, that can share whatever the
> magic is to get the jobqueue entry that's needed to complete the
> switch from RAID to HBA?
> PS: Doing this through the Lifecycle Controller, it's first necessary
> to "Clear Configuration", to clear out the existing RAID set that's
> associated with the PERC, before the GUI will allow switching to HBA
> mode.  Is that required with 'racadm' too?
> Thanks,
> Tim
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