[Linux-PowerEdge] linuxrdac for Scientific linux kernel 3.10? (Bruce Ferrell)

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Mon Apr 11 11:08:52 CDT 2016


Why don't you just blacklist /dev/sda and /dev/sdb in /etc/multipath.conf?  That's what I do.

Alternatively, if you prefer to not blacklist by disk name, you can blacklist by vendor and product.

Here's where I blacklist /dev/sda, /dev/sdb and any EMC or Compellent LUNs.

blacklist {

        devnode "^sd[ab]$"

        # AIK - reduce number of lookups on devices

        devnode "^emcpower*"

        device {

               vendor "EMC"

               product "*"


        device {

               vendor "DGC"

               product "*"


        # end AIK - reduce number of lookups on devices


For PERC LUNs, the vendor is "DELL" and the product varies, depending on PERC model. For example "PERC H710" or "PERC H730P".  But always seems to be "PERC*"



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Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2016 19:17:21 -0700
From: Bruce Ferrell
Subject: [Linux-PowerEdge] linuxrdac for Scientific linux kernel 3.10?
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I'm having a problem with my MD3000i.

Every time I reboot, the Perc6e disk volumes are claimed by the multipath driver and I get to fiddle to get the system back up. I suspect the problem is in
linuxrdac-09.03.0C06.0452.2 as the readme says only kernel 2.6 is supported.


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