[Linux-PowerEdge] older IDRAC's

Blake Hudson blake at ispn.net
Mon Apr 4 14:00:18 CDT 2016

You don't mention which version of FireFox, OS, or Java you're using. 
Most problems I've ran into are client side, and are usually ruled out 

To rule out a server issue, I would suggest resetting the iDRAC via ssh 
and updating to the latest iDrac firmware (Dell's site shows this as 2.85).

On the client side, some of the older iDRACs don't work with current 
versions of Java. I keep around a WinXP VM with java 1.6 and another VM 
with java 1.7 just to access some of the older dracs. I believe the 
iDrac 6 should work fine with XP + Java 1.7. If it matters, on a Win10 
VM I have trouble viewing the iDrac 6 web interface in IE 10/Edge and 
the console applet does not work with Java 8 (1.8), so the iDrac 6 is 
basically unsupported on current client platforms. Hopefully Java will 
die soon enough and these remote KVMs will be able to utilize HTML 5 or 
a custom plugin that works with up to date browsers and operating systems.


Stephen Berg (Contractor) wrote on 4/4/2016 12:39 PM:
> Got a few systems, older R610's not under warranty, that are refusing to
> connect on the virtual console.  Log in to the iDRAC, click "launch" on
> the Virtual Console Preview, get the opening dialog in Firefox, have to
> click "Continue" for a security warning, it verifies the application and
> asks if I want to run it, click Run.
> Then I get a small dialog "Connecting to Virtual Console Server", and
> immediately get another small dialog, "Connection failed."
> I've cleared my Firefox cache, power cycled the server, just updated the
> iDRAC firmware to 2.80 using DSU and still getting Connection Failed.
> I've googled this problem and not found any solutions so far.  The
> system is running SciLinux 7.2 as are most of my servers that don't
> exhibit this failure.

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