[Linux-PowerEdge] Simultaneous install of dell_ft_install and srvadmin-all impossible on fresh RHEL6 install

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Wed May 27 03:10:33 CDT 2015

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Hi Jason,
Previously there was some solution posted in PowerEdge to upgrade latest YUM repo(OMSA 8.1) given that YUM repo(OMSA 7.4) is already installed in the system.
As you have not installed old YUM in your system, hence can you please follow the below instructions ( written on http://linux.dell.com/repo/hardware/latest/ ) to set up latest YUM repo in newly OS installed system.

1)       Command to point to latest repo --- ( wget -q -O - http://linux.dell.com/repo/hardware/latest/bootstrap.cgi | bash)

2)      yum install dell_ft_install

3)      yum install $(bootstrap_firmware)

4)      yum install srvadmin-all

Running command 2) will solve the below problem-

As a matter of fact, the dell_ft_install packages won't install at all; only srvadmin.

[Note: To ensure that there is no package/repo mess happened, it is better to run the following 2 commands first before running the above 4 commands

1)      yum remove firmware-tools

2)      yum remove srvadmin-hapi*


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[Linux-PowerEdge] Simultaneous install of dell_ft_install and srvadmin-all impossible on fresh RHEL6 install


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Jason Gress <jgress at accertify.com><mailto:jgress at accertify.com>


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Like many here, I has run into the common package/repository issues with

the Dell provided OMSA repository.  We are running a local spacewalk

clone, but this also happens with the direct external repo (installed

via the bootstrap script).

As you all have seen already, here is a small snipped of the result:

--> Finished Dependency Resolution

Error: Package: dell_ie_backplane-1.0.0-4.135.2.el6.x86_64


            Requires: libdchbas.so.7()(64bit)

            Available: srvadmin-hapi-7.4.0-4.28.2.el6.x86_64



            Installing: srvadmin-hapi-8.1.0-4.10.2.el6.x86_64


                Not found

Error: Package: dell_ie_pcissd-1.0.0-4.130.3.el6.x86_64


            Requires: libdchapi.so.7()(64bit)

            Available: srvadmin-hapi-7.4.0-4.28.2.el6.x86_64



            Installing: srvadmin-hapi-8.1.0-4.10.2.el6.x86_64


                Not found

Based on posts like this one:


there are workarounds for existing RHEL6 systems for the common

repository issues when upgrading from OMSA 7.4 to 8.0/8.1.

All of the solutions that I have seen so far, or that ProSupport Plus

was able to help me with, assume that you already have a full install of

the existing OMSA 7.4 packages before you start.

I recently ran a from scratch build, from a kickstart, that builds a

fresh RHEL 6.6 installation.  In this case, all of the proposed

solutions fail, for one very important reason: there is no

srvadmin-hapi-7.4.0 package to rely on while the rest are upgraded. The

current repository does not have that (or other dependent packages) to

allow us to install both the srvadmin-all and the dell_ft_install

packages on the same server.  As a matter of fact, the dell_ft_install

packages won't install at all; only srvadmin.

Thank you all for your help.  I have made a case with ProSupport Plus

about this issue.  Case No. 911641363.

Jason Gress

Sr. Linux Systems Administrator

Accertify Inc., and American Express Company


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