[Linux-PowerEdge] PE R320 memory configuration

Sreekanth_Reddy at Dell.com Sreekanth_Reddy at Dell.com
Mon May 18 06:46:33 CDT 2015

I am assuming that you have purchased another 4GB DIMM and not 5G DIMM.

The system contains six memory sockets organized into three channels. In each channel, the release levers of the first socket are marked white and the second socket black.
Memory channels are organized as follows:
channel 1: memory sockets A1 and A4
channel 2: memory sockets A2 and A5
channel 3: memory sockets A3 and A6
As a thumb rule, you need to make sure that all the channels are occupied by at-least one DIMM per channel, and then you can move on to populate the second DIMM in the same channel.

So, your second DIMM should go in to A2.

Another easy way is that, all the White slots should be filled in first, before moving on to other color slots.

Let me know if it helps..

Sree Kanth

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I've read the manual but still unsure of where to install a second DIMM.
The server has 1x4GB dimm in slot A1.
We have purchased another 5GB dimm, should this go in slot A2?
Nick .

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