[Linux-PowerEdge] Video cards for R610/R710

Peter Holl peter.holl at pnsensor.de
Mon May 18 06:31:50 CDT 2015

Hi Stephen,

we have graphic cards in several rack and towerservers. I never tried 
connecting two monitors, so I can only speculate on that point although 
and am optimistic that this works, if you use a card supported by a 
driver compatible with your OS.

But I know one impact on iDRAC: you will not be able to see anything 
with the Virtual Console Preview, once you disabled the onboard graphics.

I also found another trap: when you enter BIOS/UEFI setup and have a 
monitor connected via an extra graphics card, you might end up with a 
black screen. I never fully understood this, but on occasions we had to 
remove a card just to make the system autoswitch back to the onboard 
graphics. This might depend on the actual card and monitor, but it's 
good to learn how to change BIOS settings from the commandline.

Good luck,

On 5/18/15 1:04 PM, Stephen Berg (Contractor) wrote:
> Has anyone put a video card that has dual DVI ports into an R610 and/or
> R710?  I've got a side project I'm working on that would benefit greatly
> if I could set up one or both of these servers as a dual head setup.
> I'm not looking for gaming type performance just a basic dual head
> through DVI interface.
> Related question: does adding a video card and disabling the onboard
> video have any effect on accessing the system via an iDrac?

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