[Linux-PowerEdge] Video cards for R610/R710

Stephen Berg (Contractor) stephen.berg.ctr at nrlssc.navy.mil
Mon May 18 06:04:55 CDT 2015

Has anyone put a video card that has dual DVI ports into an R610 and/or 
R710?  I've got a side project I'm working on that would benefit greatly 
if I could set up one or both of these servers as a dual head setup.  
I'm not looking for gaming type performance just a basic dual head 
through DVI interface.

Related question: does adding a video card and disabling the onboard 
video have any effect on accessing the system via an iDrac?

Stephen Berg
Systems Administrator
NRL Code: 7320
Office: 228-688-5738
stephen.berg.ctr at nrlssc.navy.mil

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