[Linux-PowerEdge] Power Supply firmware version missmatch?

Peter Holl peter.holl at pnsensor.de
Mon May 11 04:45:20 CDT 2015

Hi there!

On several R720/R720xd machines I find an inconsistency with the Power 
Supply firmware and dsu:

When running dsu it suggest the following update:
[ ]12 Power Supply
  Current Version : 07.13.54 Upgrade to : 09.13.59

committing this starting the update I see:
Installing Power_Firmware_FR60C_LN_09.13.59...
Collecting inventory...
Running validation...

Power Supply

The version of this Update Package is newer than the currently installed 
Software application name: Power Supply
Package version: 09.13.59
Installed version: 07.13.54

After the reboot (which includes a power of for about 10 min) I ran dsu 
again and now I see:
[ ]12 Power Supply
  Current Version : 07.13.59 Upgrade to : 09.13.59

So despite the package version was supposed to upgrade to 9.13.59 it 
upgraded to 7.13.59 - I can live with that but it seems an incorrect 
behavior of dsu.


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