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Brent Kimberley Brent.Kimberley at Durham.ca
Mon Aug 31 12:10:23 CDT 2015

‎What about serial over lan?


Il giorno 31/ago/2015, alle ore 14:51, Tim Small <tim at seoss.co.uk> ha scritto:
>> Is there any way to enable IPMI over LAN remotely, without sending someone to the servers and turn them off and enter settings during bootstrap?
> Yes, you can do all the necessary setup with ipmitool. I think ipmitool ships with a script to do that - you may need to customise it slightly to work on the R320s. It might be useful to have a machine which has been setup via the BIOS tool to compare settings with (IPMI LAN and remote user settings in particular).
I succeeded in enabling IPMI over LAN using ipmitool.

I already did check it out but since the output of ?ipmitool lan print 1? was identical between systems with and without IPMI over LAN enabled I skipped over it. Turns out the interesting setting is *not* on the output of ?lan print? and I missed it.

To enable/disable IPMI over LAN via standard ipmitool you just have to use ?ipmitool lan set 1 access on? (or ?off?).

@ Srinivas: racadm didn?t do the trick - it complains about missing license. I guess the basic BMC isn?t enough.

Luca Lesinigo
LM Networks Srl

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