[Linux-PowerEdge] Backup and restore of BIOS config on Poweredge F430

Arthur Gautier baloo at gandi.net
Mon Aug 17 06:25:16 CDT 2015


Is there a recommended way to backup and restore BIOS configuration on
F430 sleds?

My current process is using a custom script around idracadm7:

for part in BiosBootSettings IntegratedDevices MemSettings MiscSettings NetworkSettings OneTimeBoot ProcSettings PxeDev1Settings PxeDev2Settings PxeDev3Settings PxeDev4Settings SataSettings SerialCommSettings SlotDisablement SysInformation SysProfileSettings SysSecurity; do
	/opt/dell/srvadmin/bin/idracadm7 get BIOS.$part |\
		grep -v 'Write-Only' |\
		grep -v -E '^#' |\
		sed 's/\[Key=/\[/;s/Setup.1-1#//'|\
		sed -E 's/ \([^)]+\)//'|\
		grep -v UefiBootSeq
done | tee $1

Backup using bios-dump.sh bios.txt
And restore using: idracadm7 set -t ini -f bios.txt

The idracadm7 get commands is not directly usable on idracadm7 set because:
  * I need to enumerate each subsections:
     (Output from `/opt/dell/srvadmin/bin/idracadm7 get BIOS.`)
  * INI section are incorrect
    [Key=BIOS.Setup.1-1#BiosBootSettings] instead of 
  * There is some write-only commands which needs to be stripped out
     * BIOS.SysSecurity.SetupPassword
     * BIOS.SysSecurity.SysPassword
  * Pending writes configs needs to be manually filtered out
        EmbNic1Nic2=Enabled (Pending Value=Enabled)
  * Some keys like UefiBootSeq are dumped empty but generates idracadm7 set failure when empty
        # /opt/dell/srvadmin/bin/idracadm7 set -t ini -f bios.txt
        ERROR: RAC0946: Failed to set the object value.
        ERROR: Failed to configure object.
        Group: BiosBootSettings, Object: UefiBootSeq, Value: "", Line [39]

Is there a better suited solution to backup and restore BIOS
configuration on those sleds?

Thanks you,

\o/ Arthur
 G  Gandi.net

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