[Linux-PowerEdge] BMC and NIC #1 interaction

Chris Adams linux at cmadams.net
Wed Aug 5 08:39:22 CDT 2015

Once upon a time, Ruben Laban <r.laban+lists at ism.nl> said:
> Unfortunately, at this point em1 was the only interface with an IP 
> configured and thus lost my SSH connection. Luckily I had finally 
> managed to get SOL console redirection operational. However, when I 
> tried to open SOL connection all I got was timeouts. It seemed that the 
> BMC had dropped off the network as well. Once I got a colleague to bring 
> up em1 again, the BMC also started working again.
> Is this expected behavior??

It seems to be, yes.  If the OS sets the link PHY down, the BMC is not
smart enough to override it.  I've had other systems with a shared NIC
for OS and IPMI, and they handled that, but all the Dells I've tried
with a shared NIC work this way.

Chris Adams <linux at cmadams.net>

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