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I'm by no means a recite expert.   Not even a python expert.

But I've looking at it for ~2-3 wks,  for BIOS updates on 11th gen servers.   If I recall correctly, you have to do this sequence to accomplish an immediate BIOS update:

InstallFromURI  ....

SetupJobQueue JobArray=$jobid StartTimeInterval=TIME_NOW

CreateRebootJob RebootJobType=1 {ReturnValue=4096 /$rid=InstanceID

SetupJobQueue JobArray=$rid StartTimeInterval=TIME_NOW

That is, the InstallFromURI call does the following:

*       Queues up the BIOS flashing job on the LCC

*       Downloads the dup package that contains the BIOS image from the specified CIFS, NFS or HTTP share.  Downloads locally to the server's maser.

However, it does not schedule the job.  You have to call SetupJobQuest with StartTimeInterval=TIME_NOW.  So that next time the server reboots, then this LCC job will launch.

That in of itself does not trigger a server reboot.  To do that you have to create a reboot job and schedule it for TIME_NOW.  That triggers a reboot.

So.  With that understanding, it seems that you should be able to schedule multiple LCC jobs, queue they all up.  And then at the very end, queue and schedule your reboot job.

Or am I missing something?


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I have recite + python script for changing boot order, disk setup, drac update, nic attribute changes etc. Currently I have grouped these jobs based on targets. But still I need multiple reboots to apply all these changes. Is there a way, I can apply all these changes in a single reboot?

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