[Linux-PowerEdge] Difference between PE 2950 and P2950-III?

Josh_Moore at Dell.com Josh_Moore at Dell.com
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The PE2950-III launched in Nov 2007. I would expect any units sold after that to be III.
Physically on the system itself, you can see a Roman numeral III at the top of the left ear board (above the loop handle).

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How can I tell which model I have? When I search dell.com with the service tag I see "PowerEdge 2950". Presumably this would show "PowerEdge 2950 III" if I have a III? System ship date was 5/1/2008.

We're just trying to see if we can do 64G memory upgrade. If the system is a I or II model, will a BIOS upgrade turn it into a III?

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-W Sanders

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