[Linux-PowerEdge] VMware ESXi Monitoring OMSA/ROMB

Joe Gooch mrwizard at k12system.com
Sat Sep 13 11:31:35 CDT 2014

I have several servers running ESXi Hypervisor 5.5 with the OMSA
VIB installed... It's great. I can use Manage Remote Node to monitor and
manage the server.

However, I have a couple of servers where the Battery has failed...
One's on the H700 on board, others are perc 6/e addon cards.  Either
way, VMWare sensors show no problems for the ROMB/Battery sensors, but
when I connect to OMSA, it shows the battery has failed.

For physical machines, I've always used MegaCLI or percsnmpd to monitor
such things, for windows servers... I've used SNMP.  Neither of those
options are available to me with ESXi.

I can't seem to find a CIM instance that will return this information. 
Has anyone had any luck either 1) getting the vmware sensor to reflect
the *actual* state of the battery instead of a false positive, or 2)
actually querying the status of the batteries from OMSA using web
service calls?  I'm using nagios, so anything using the perl SDK or WBEM
is fair game. (Though if you have a concept I'll work out the
implementation details)



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