[Linux-PowerEdge] LifeCycle Controller and updating PSU firmware ... what is official SOP?

Shane Forsythe sforsyt at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 14:00:11 CDT 2014

We ordered a batch of 8 R620 and prior to deployment used the LCC to update
all the firmware.

On the 4th machine, the firmware for PSU2 failed and bricked it.

During the call to Tech Support, they tried to strongly imply that it was
our fault and we had tried to update the firmware with two different model
PSU in the chassis, which they said is known to have errors.
The actual verbiage on the LCC screen says the PSU must be the same
wattage, not that they must be the exact same model.

Regardless, they were the exact same model and that was NOT the cause.
 They authorized a replacement part and shipped it to us.

The model on all 16 PSU (from 8 servers) are:
  80 Plus Platinum, 750Watt,  Model F750E-S0
  All came shipped with firmware 69.45.99 and upgraded to 69.45.9A

The replacement part came, and it is indeed an 80 Plus Platinum, 750W, but
the model is different at D750E-S1 , and the lifecycle controller reports
its firmware at 09.2B.80

That is fairly striking difference to me

Old   F750E-S0  FW: 69.45.9A
New  D750E-S1 FW: 09.2B.80

Now the Lifecycle controller see they are different, notes they are both at
current FW and no update is listed .... but what is the expectation when I
have to update the FW on one or both of them ?

Unofficially, the Dell tech on phone seems to imply I must physically goto
the Datacenter, pull one PSU , update the FW, Switch PSU, then update that
firmware, then boot with both PSU in place.

I asked isn't the LCC supposed to detect different versions/models and able
to do update simultaneously? He said yes, sometimes it works sometimes it
doesn't ....

What is your experience with using the LifeCycleController to update the
PSU and how does it handle different model #?
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