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I'm by no means a recite expert.  In fact, I'm just looking at recite myself,  to automate some pre-OS tasks that we currently do manually. Anything to reduce the complexity of WSMAN would be appreciated!!

I just happened to be talking to a major recite SME concerning my pre-OS tasks.   I forwarded your message on.

Here is his response:
Would you mind replying that the R620 only has one network card so there's only one instance of IntegratedNetwork. It controls all ports on that card.

I asked for clarification & he verified with a R620 hardware engineer.  Apparently, the R620 only have a single embedded network controller.  It's a multi-port controller.  That's why only one IntegratedNetwork shows up.

Lamentably, it does not appear in hardware that you can turn off the NICs on a port-by-port basis.  I.e., you can turn off the entire controllers (which turns off both LOMs).  Or you can leave on, which leaves on both LOMs.  That's what the R620 hardware engineer said.

So recite & WSMAN are just exposing the underlying limitations in the hardware.

BTW, I essentially never touch a R620 - in fact, I had to go look up how many LOMs a R620 had.  Whether it was 2 or 4. So I'm just relaying what I'm told.



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Found dell recite tool very helpful in automating device updates in large environments.
Can someone help me with the way to disable multiple Onboard NICs in R620 using recite tool.

Found one old email from the mailing list. But I am able to see only one NIC with recite get commands.

Eg: I am able to list only IntegratedNetwork1 on the device eventhough i have four devices.

--> GetBIOSEnumeration InstanceID=BIOS.Setup.1-1:IntegratedNetwork1
AttributeDisplayName = Integrated Network Card 1
AttributeName = IntegratedNetwork1
CurrentValue = DisabledOs
DisplayOrder = 1017
FQDD = BIOS.Setup.1-1
GroupDisplayName = Integrated Devices
GroupID = IntegratedDevices
InstanceID = BIOS.Setup.1-1:IntegratedNetwork1
IsReadOnly = false
PossibleValues = Enabled
PossibleValues = DisabledOs
PossibleValuesDescription = Enabled
PossibleValuesDescription = Disabled (OS)



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