[Linux-PowerEdge] OMSA says failed drive but LED is solid green and LCD displays no error

Peter Holl peter.holl at pnsensor.de
Thu Sep 4 08:30:52 CDT 2014

Hi Jeff,

for the repository: use http instead of https and it should work.


On 9/4/14 3:26 PM, Jeff White wrote:
> I have a PE R815 that has this issue:
> * OMSA says drive 0:0:0 has failed but the drive physically labelled as
> 0 has a green LED
> * OMSA says drive 0:0:1 has a "failure predicted" status and has a
> blinking amber LED
> * The LCD on the front of the system shows no errors
> Therefore, I am confused.  When I called Dell (they at least used to
> help a little with OMSA even with an out of warranty system) I get "this
> office is currently closed" despite the Web site saying it is 24/7.
> Additionally when I try to get the latest version of OMSA I just get a
> 404
> (https://linux.dell.com/repo/hardware/latest/platform_independent/rh60_64)
> ... thanks Dell, very helpful.
> So:
> 1. Can anyone provide the correct link to the latest OMSA repo or is it
> down?
> 2. Has anyone seen the LCD not display and error yet the LED of a drive
> and OMSA both show something is wrong?
> 3. I have seen the LCD and OMSA disagree about PSU problems on R815s
> several times in the past but never with disk drives.  With the PSUs
> Dell pretty much said "OMSA is right the PSU is fine, the LCD is
> controlled by the BMC which is confused, swap your PSUs to fix it".  In
> reality another so called "fix" seems to be to lazily ignore it for a
> few months and the LCD magically decides everything is fine and goes
> back to being blue with no error.
> Once I can get to the repo I will update OMSA and as always update
> firmware but I would like to know if others have seen this behaviour.

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