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Praveen_Paladugu at Dell.com Praveen_Paladugu at Dell.com
Fri Mar 28 11:51:24 CDT 2014


Appreciate you all taking time for the below inputs.

Seems like quite a few topics are brought up in this thread. I am no authority on my of these topics, but will try to answer to the best of my knowledge.

*         The initial intent for the Firmware Live images was only to provide the LiveDVD and see the customer response. We only had a handful of customers acknowledge that they are using the image. We only had one or two requests for PXE images to enable firmware updates in 1 to many configurations. In response to those requests, I put together a quick hack to enable PXE builds with kiwi. This is the first time we had a decent number acknowledge the usage of the firmware Live images. Considering the sizeable response, we will seriously reconsider enabling proper PXE boot over NFS.

*         When the image boots, I wanted to transparently show what all components are being updated (with newer firmware), and let the users to choose the components they want to update. That is why I choose to enable a simple GUI in the image. When applying this firmware update image to multiple target systems, I can see that being a pain. I will consider modifying the image to have better command line boot options.

*         This image was also targeted at customers using legacy systems. With all the new generations focusing more Life Cycle Controller, we expect these firmware live images to become irrelevant soon.

*         Booting to an ISO image which will talk to the Dell repository and pull the latest firmware from is definitely a good idea. But I wanted to put out an image, which is completely self-contained and doesn't have to rely on users having connection to internet  or having a local mirror of dell's firmware repository. Self-contained images come in greatly handy when the users have to work in really restricted environments.

*         As per the bashisms used in the DUP scripts and the OS version checks used while updating firmware, I forwarded them to the right internal team and passed on your sentiments. From what I could gather these checks are in place, primarily to help with product support . Opening up the scripts to work even on un-supported/un-tested platforms, might have unintended ramifications.

But, I do acknowledge that the un-supported OSes can be handled better, instead of failing and returning from the script, it should have provisions to get a confirmation that the platform is un-supported, the users will be running the script at your own risk and proceed with the firmware update.

*         I am no authority on Ubuntu support on Dell Servers so cannot comment on Dell's current stance.

Thank you
Praveen K Paladugu
Dell Linux Engineering

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