[Linux-PowerEdge] Latest firmware live DVD posted

Natxo Asenjo natxo.asenjo at gmail.com
Fri Mar 28 05:42:01 CDT 2014

Op 28 mrt. 2014 10:42 schreef "Elias Abacioglu" <elias.rabi at gmail.com>:


> And about that what Luca saying about the community and community
> projects. I could reverse what he is saying and point out that it's bad
> that this kind of support and tools aren't official Dell.
> A bit out of topic but as an example a short time ago I was recommended by
> Dell ProSupport (escalated third line or something) to try out Red Hat
> instead of Ubuntu when having a server with hardware failures that we
> haven't been able to pinpoint.
> It's a shame that "Offical Dell" puts so little effort in non-Windows (and
> non-Red Hat).
I guess that if you buy the server from Dell with ubuntu on it, you are
entitled to support from Dell. Otherwise, best effort.

Historically Dell hardware has been certified for RHEL, so no surprise
their support engineers are more Red Hat minded or have more experience
with it than with Ubuntu. Welcome to the fragmented world of linux.
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