[Linux-PowerEdge] Latest firmware live DVD posted

Luca Lesinigo luca at lm-net.it
Thu Mar 27 05:53:35 CDT 2014

I too find the liveDVD extremely useful, I usually carry the latest version on a bootable usb stick and that's it.
I don't usually have problems in rebooting the system from an usb/dvd so it's perfectly ok for me.

I would prefer a liveDVD / liveUSB that could automatically get new updates from Dell.COM - IIRC the Dell OMSA Live DVD can update single DUPs but last time I checked it did not automatically download the relevant ones.

I do agree with Stephen with regard to the need for an easy, programmatic (and possibly scriptable for our monitoring systems) to check availability for new versions for specific models.

And most of all, I have a feeling that all the most useful tools (at least in the area of linux based systems and "swiss army knife" tools like the liveDVDs / liveUSBs) are not official Dell tools but are "community" ones (thanks to the efforts of a good deal of Dell engineers)... I hope they will gain a better status inside Dell someday...

Luca Lesinigo
LM Networks Srl

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