[Linux-PowerEdge] Bios updates, How reliable/up to date are the instructions on the WIKI?

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You need to download iDRAC version 1.56.55 from support.dell.com. This is the latest released version and fixes problems with 1.50.50. If you can access the web GUI, you may want to reset iDRAC and then try racadm again.

You can update and configure iDRAC, BIOS, RAID controller, NICs remotely via racadm or through the instructions in the white paper that was sent in the previous response. Both methods do not require an OS to be installed.


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Sometimes, because of the different release cycles of different teams, the firmware updates posted on http://linux.dell.com/repo/hardware/latest might not be latest. You might find newer updates when you search for the specific h/w in support.dell.com.

You also want to refer to the following whitepaper if you want to script firmware updates remotely:


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