[Linux-PowerEdge] racadm problems...

Krist van Besien Krist.vanBesien at processlynx.ch
Tue Mar 25 14:38:44 CDT 2014

On 25 Mar 2014, at 20:19, "John_Walker_Jr at Dell.com<mailto:John_Walker_Jr at Dell.com>" <John_Walker_Jr at Dell.com<mailto:John_Walker_Jr at Dell.com>> wrote:

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What is the firmware version of the DRAC, try updating to the latest firmware.

They are currently all at 1.50.50, as shipped. Racadm used to work yesterday, as I was able to use it to switch them to DHCP and set a password.

It is the fact that it stopped working today that is puzzling me. I would really like to know. It's inconvenient when tools stop working...


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