[Linux-PowerEdge] racadm problems...

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What is the firmware version of the DRAC, try updating to the latest firmware.

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Hello all,

I have a strange error when trying to run racadm:

Security Alert: Certificate is invalid - self signed certificate Continuing execution. Use -S option for racadm to stop execution on certificate-related errors.

ERROR: Unable to connect to RAC at specified IP address.

The strangeness is that the first part suggest that idracadm7 has no problem connecting to the iDRAC. How could it otherwhise now about the self signed certificate.

The last line however complains about not being able to contact the iDRAC.


And more specifically, why now? Yesterday I used the idracadm7 command to set a password on all my iDRACs. I can log in on the web console using this password. Why no longer with racadmn7?

Thanks for any help,

Krist van Besien
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