[Linux-PowerEdge] Bios updates, How reliable/up to date are the instructions on the WIKI?

Krist van Besien Krist.vanBesien at processlynx.ch
Tue Mar 25 10:06:36 CDT 2014

Hello all,

I've just taken delivery of 49 Dell Poweredge R720 servers.
I now need to do a few things on them. Configure the iDRAC cards, update bioses, configure RAID etc.. Then I can proceed to install Linux on them. I've installed RHEL 6.5 on one of them, and intend to bootstrap all the others from this machine.

I've found out how to use racadm to configure the iDRAC cards (set them to DHCP, set password etc..). Now I'm trying to figure out how to update bios.

One problem I run in to is that a lot of pages on linux.dell.com/wiki seem to be outdated, and there is some conflicting information. So what is the current authorative page, with the correct instructions on how to set up the right repository which will allow me to update the firmware of a system using Red Hat Linux command line tools...

A second question I have; is there a way to remotely upgrade the firmware via the iDRAC on systems where no OS has yet been installed?

Thanks in advance,

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