[Linux-PowerEdge] Question about using omconfig "mainsystem" vs "chassis" subcommand?

Spike_White at Dell.com Spike_White at Dell.com
Mon Mar 24 08:01:43 CDT 2014


In OMSA 7.3.0, if you do a 'omconfig -?' to list the subcommands, it says:

chassis          Set chassis component properties.
                   This subcommand is deprecated and will be discontinued in
                   a subsequent release.
                   Use the subcommand "mainsystem" instead.
                   This is applicable on modular systems only.
mainsystem       Set mainsystem component properties.

However, if you look at OMSA 7.3.2 there is no 'mainsystem' subcommand, it recognizes only 'chassis'.

[root at penplmiasdbdr01 ~]# omconfig -?

omconfig         Configures component properties.

The available command(s) are:

Command          Description
about            Product and version properties.
preferences      Set system preferences.
system           Set system properties.
chassis          Set chassis component properties.
storage          Set storage component properties.

And if you attempt 'omconfig mainsystem', it says that's an invalid subsystem.

So between OMSA 7.3.0 and 7.3.2, did they:

*        Un-deprecate 'chassis'

*        Deprecate 'mainsystem' super-fast?

Or is this a mistake?

What I'm doing is disabling hyperthreading (Oracle recommendation) during initial build.
omconfig mainsystem biossetup attribute=LogicalProc setting=Disabled   (in 7.3.0)
omconfig chassis biossetup attribute=LogicalProc setting=Disabled  (in 7.3.2)

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