[Linux-PowerEdge] missing bmcfwu.so

Steve Pribyl steve.pribyl at akunacapital.com
Fri Mar 21 10:17:19 CDT 2014

Sorry for not being clearer, but that file is not available any package.
I have looked in both the redhat and debian/ubuntu repositories as far as I can tell.

I did a apt-file search, apt-cache search, and yum search all turn up empty.
I would like to use the os to manage/update idrac firmware but seem to be missing a library.

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On 03/21/2014 10:10 AM, John Musbach wrote:
> On Mar 21, 2014, at 9:19 AM, Steve Pribyl <steve.pribyl at akunacapital.com> wrote:
> Where is bmcfwu.so?  I am running Ubuntu 12.04.
> # /opt/dell/srvadmin/bin/idracadm7 fwupdate -p -u -d /home/spribyl/firmimg.d7
> sh: 1: bmcfwu.so: not found
> Install apt-file then do "apt-file search bmcfwu.so".

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