[Linux-PowerEdge] PE 2950 PERC 5/i slow

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at ucar.edu
Thu Mar 13 18:16:24 CDT 2014

Another Dell User wrote, On 03/13/2014 04:41 PM:
> Is the "340AS" thing a typo, or am I missing something?  Your data is showing "340NS".

That's why i said "Nearline SAS brothers" (i think Seagate may
be using "NS" for both "Nearline SATA" and SAS) too. the "AS" is
consumer SATA.  Sorry, they're both horrible drives.  Also, i had
a PE T610 with a bunch of 640SS (SAS) that all 8 drives
blew up (3 in the first year, all within 5 years) (We have 1,000s of
servers + hundreds of desktops and dozens of powervaults, so it's
not just a few random events -- we have a standing joke around here
"What kinda drive do you think FAILED out?  Oh, lookie here, another
340[AN]S!" -- I'm dealing with 2 systems right now where the PERC
keeps kicking them (340NS) out, then rebuilding on them :-( )

> On 2014-03-13 17:07, Stephen Dowdy wrote:
>> If you see those drive models ending in 340AS, then you have your problem right there ;)
>> (those drives, and their Nearline SAS brothers, suck,suck,suck, and i'm getting tired of replacing 1 or more a week)
>>     # /usr/local/LSI-Tools/megacli pdlist a0 | grep Inquiry\ Data
>>     Inquiry Data:      WD-WCAW3......2WDC WD1003FBYX-18Y7B0                   01.01V03
>> --> Inquiry Data:             9......0ST31000340NS                                MA0D
>> (evil, broken drive, note it's the last one to fail in this machine
>> and be replaced by less evil drives)

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