[Linux-PowerEdge] PE 2950 PERC 5/i slow

Another Dell User dell at epperson.homelinux.net
Thu Mar 13 17:41:40 CDT 2014


Is the "340AS" thing a typo, or am I missing something? Your data is
showing "340NS". 

On 2014-03-13 17:07, Stephen Dowdy wrote: 

> If you
see those drive models ending in 340AS, then you have your problem right
there ;)
> (those drives, and their Nearline SAS brothers,
suck,suck,suck, and i'm getting tired of replacing 1 or more a week)

> # /usr/local/LSI-Tools/megacli pdlist a0 | grep Inquiry Data
Inquiry Data: WD-WCAW3......2WDC WD1003FBYX-18Y7B0 01.01V03
> -->
Inquiry Data: 9......0ST31000340NS MA0D
> (evil, broken drive, note it's
the last one to fail in this machine
> and be replaced by less evil
> Inquiry Data: Z......YST1000NM0011 PA09
> Inquiry Data:
Z......VST1000NM0011 PA09
> or, using smartctl:
> # smartctl -d
megaraid,1 -i /dev/sda | grep Model
> Model Family: Seagate Barracuda
> Device Model: ST31000340NS

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